Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jingle bells

By BuzyBee

Hoping to get a good harvest – BuzyBee is on its rounds to get a good taste of the Season, flitting from budding talent to blossoming artists to ripe old veterans.
A pre-season peek into the Narada Gana Sabha mini hall on 19 November had a delightful dance recital on view. Janaki Rangarajan, the ‘Nadanamamani’ for Season 2011 (she receives the title on 1st December, Kartik Fine Arts) launched her series of performances with an impressive recital. This dancer with a Ph.D in Molecular Genetics under her belt has been a disciple of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam for over 15 years. Having moved to the USA after her marriage to Aneal Krishnamurthy, she has diligently honed her skills on her own without going astray.
The sankeerna alarippu danced to a Tiruppugazh, was neatly choreographed to suit the theme though it did not strictly adhere to the simple alarippu format. Janaki danced the Charukesi varnam ‘Innum en manam ariyaadavarpol’ (Lalgudi Jayaraman) in an endearing way without plunging into cloying sringara. It was interesting to watch the impromptu rhythmic dialogues between anklebells and mridanga as the dancer occasionally improvised in the nritta segments. In the two padams which followed, even in the opening lines of each she was able to establish the two very different nayikas (the angry woman in ‘Inchu boni’ and the naïve young girl in ‘Tottu tottu pesavaraan’) with her communicative yet subtle abhinaya. The concluding piece was a tillana in Hamsanandi which included Subramania Bharati’s lines.
Watch out for this talented dancer who plans to present a different margam in her programmes during this season.
BuzyBee is buzzing off in search of honeyed seasonscapes.

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