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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Audience, mind your manners!

By Ragz

The music goes on and so do the rasikas with their usual auditorium etiquette.   The curtains go up at 6pm and we see rasikas trickling in indifferently well past the middle of the concert, unmindful of obstructing others’ vision, taking their own sweet time to settle down, making a continuous racket even after settling down, only to sink into the comfort of the air conditioned hall and start gossiping.   The age-old tradition of tani avartanam is fortunately still in vogue, but our rasikas adamantly continue their legacy of walking out mercilessly right at the start of the tani. 
During Bharatanatyam concerts, the kith and kin of the performers keen to be seen, keep pacing up and down everywhere talking on their mobile in high decibels. The audience claps at all the wrong times, while showing nil appreciation at all the right times, makes an indecent dash towards the cafeteria in between two concerts, frequently walks across the stage before the curtain and a lot more.

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