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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kolaverifying VVIPs at sabhas

By Veejay Sai

Cartoon By Sandhya Prabhat
As Sugriva was bellowing his lungs out challenging Vali to a duel, just after his fire-sworn friendship with Rama in the Kishkinda Kandam, a packed hall sat in rapt attention watching Anita Guha’s choreography of the Ramayana at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. Suddenly the main door opened and in ran a man between the first and second rows from one end of the hall to the other. The audience wondered if it was a part of the show to have entries and exits from all the doors of KGS, but the man ran back and forth twice over, scouting for an empty chair. In the process, he didn’t spare my neighbour’s toes. Not finding an empty seat, he ran across the row again, finally got hold of a plastic chair and plonked it right in the middle of row one. (Who cares if audiences are disturbed?)

Amidst a disturbing commotion at the entrance of the main door near the first row entered a great dancer, scholar, and celebrity. The man who ran around till then was her agent trying to get her a vacant seat in row one, never mind if she breezed in a good half an hour after the performance started.

The sabha secretary and other officers stood helplessly watching this spectacle as the VVIP sashayed her way to the empty chair. Not only disturbing those seated, but with apparent disrespect for the performers on stage, she walked in greeting her friends along the way. Now there are always those oddballs in the audience who love to socialize in the middle of a concert. These people are worse than those who answer their phones.

Our VVIPs can learn a lesson or two from the well-behaved monkeys from the Kishkinda Kandam.

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