Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mehendi – Sangeet

By Gayathri Sundaresan
Bang in the middle of the Season, I happened upon an enjoyable short programme, slightly different from a regular concert. At the ‘mehendi-sangeet’ ceremony preceding the wedding of a friend’s daughter, a small stage was put up in the corner of a tastefully decorated garden of the bungalow. VVS Manian’s Konnakol show, accompanied by Nellai Balaji on the mridangam and H. Sivaramakrishnan on the ghatam took us on a gala tala trip. Tirukkural and Avvaiyar’s Aathi Choodi provided variety in nadai and talam to add value as well as pep to the presentation.
Manian teaches at PSBB schools, and with the help of Mrs YGP, has been taking his show to many other schools. Manian aims to revive the art form by impressing upon young minds the infinite variety that our classical art offers.
A solo Bharatanatyam presentation of Meenakshi Kalyanam followed. Vidya Deepak, dressed in a simple sari, with minimal make up and accessories, mimed to the poetry written by her father Ramanathan, recited by her sister Kalyani Venkatesh. She beautifully brought out all the nuances in her facial abhinaya and light body movements – commanding everyone’s attention in its directness and simplicity.
An evening well spent, savouring beautiful art away from the mainstream.

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