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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Monkeys steal the show

By BuzyBee

Monkeys stole the show at the Gnanananda Hall some days ago – not on the trees outside the hall but on the stage. It was no laughing matter but a serious fight between Vali and Sugreeva performed by Thiruchelvam and Madhusudanan that won thunderous applause. It was a show-stealing scene choreographed by the boys. An added punch which had the audience in splits came from the compere Revathy Sankkaran who introduced the segment with her earthy statement: “This kolaveri was there even then!”
True to Anitha Guha’s style ‘Parishvanga Pattabhishekam’ (combining the Kishkinda and Sundara kandams of the Ramayana) was colourful, entertaining, with the dancers turned out in elaborate costumes, and a lot of drama added to the dance. The young dancers had fun doing the roles of monkeys, rakshasis and narrators, while dancers like Janaki Rangarajan (a dignified Rama), Pavitra Bhatt (a handsome Ravana), and Aishwarya Narayanaswamy (double role of Lakshmana and Seeta), handled their roles with élan.

Hanuman, the real hero of the two segments was portrayed admirably by Saathvika Shankar – a character combining reverence, valour and mischief (in Lanka).

Anitha is presenting this dance-drama in nine venues with a “changing” cast.

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