D.K. Pattammal

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Narkali Kalanidhi!

By Charukesi

In the Music Academy’s T.T. Krishnamachari auditorium, framed pictures of five eminent vaggaeyakaras are fixed on the left side of the stage. The entire hall is lit, including a focus light on the portrait of TTK. But there is no light on these unfortunate five men, which includes one Maharaja – Swati Tirunal. The focus light on these eminent men is not burning! They are in a dark corner.

Those who enter the newly renovated Kasturi Srinivasan Hall can be neither leftists nor rightists. They can only be centrists. Yes, anyone who enters the hall to occupy a chair has to walk in the middle and occupy a seat. None can go either to the right or to the left. The chairs are close to the wall on both sides. I have two suggestions:
  1. Remove two chairs from both the right and left ends of each row, so that rasika-s can go and occupy the seats from left, right and centre and also exit easily. The Academy will lose a few seats, but there will be less inconvenience to the audience. (Even in the re-organization of parliament or assembly constituencies, States and the Centre lose some seats. Why not the Music Academy award the architect for his ingenuity in finding more seats for the mini hall unmindful of the inconvenience caused to the audience.
  2. Provide a jumping pad for each row, as in swimming pools.   
Rasika-s can ascend the pads and jump into vacant seats, without hitting the knees of those already occupying the chairs.

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