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Thursday, 22 December 2011


By Charukesi

Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society has joined hands with CarnaticRadio.com in showcasing the young talents of Singapore at Chennai, while giving another opportunity to our own popular vidwan-s and vidushi-s. 
Last year, when the music festival was held, there was not much of publicity and only Bhushani Kalyanaraman had a respectable audience. This year there was an unprecedented crowd at Tatvaloka Hall, when Sikkil Gurucharan, Shashank, K. Gayatri, violin duo Mysore Manjunath and Nagaraj and Malladi Brothers performed at the venue. 
Another notable event was the veena recital by Thayapari Niranjan. The quality of the recital was comparable to that of any of our own vainikas.     
The organizers reserved one slot exclusively for thevaram hymns performed by young Maiyilai Sargurunatha Odhuvar, an admirable inclusion. Set to music in Tamil isai pans, the hymns moved the listeners. In praise of Siva, they were by saints Appar, Tirugnanasambandar and Sundaramurti Nayanar. 
The Odhuvar was accompanied on the violin by Kallidaikurichi Balakrishnan, S. Yugarajan on the mridangam and S. Krishnan on the morsing. “I am planning a few concerts for these talented Odhuvars in big temples in countries like England and Canada, so that they will have no financial worries when they return here. They can concentrate on their profession in the temples here, with the remuneration they get,” said Niranjan of SIFAS and CarnaticRadio.com.
According to Niranjan Nandhagopan, SIFAS audiences at such Tamil Isai concerts number between 500 and 1000. “In Sri Lanka too, rasika-s welcome pure Tamil isai. In England, Australia or Canada, it is the Sri Lankan Tamils who support such cultural events and attend in large numbers, both at temples and other venues.”
The music school run by SIFAS has more than 1200 students, who are enthusiastic about learning Carnatic music. On 15 December 2011, an agreement was signed between the Madras Music Academy and SIFAS to conduct workshops once in a quarter in Singapore and an MoU exchanged between N Murali, President, Music Academy and SIFAS official Chelladurai.

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