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Friday, 16 December 2011

Winner – Spirit of Youth

By S. Janaki

A twiggy teenager has now blossomed into a confident young dancer and gone on to win the first prize in the Spirit of Youth series 2011 of the Music Academy. Not a surprise, coz Sumithra is the daughter and disciple of well known Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher Jayanthi Subramaniam in Chennai.
Sumithra seems to revel in rakshasi roles this season – playing Soorpanakha (in Aranya Kandam choreographed by Jayanthi) and Lankini (in Anitha Guha’s Parishvanga Pattabhishekam) with aplomb. Her abhinaya and sense of timing add a pep to her roles.

A Fine Arts graduate she also designs brochures and backdrops for artists.

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