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Saturday, 11 February 2012

A neglected birthplace

By BuzyBee
Surendranath, Amarnath, and Aparna – the Mylapore Trio – went on a two-day visit to Madurai with a group of friends. On the first day they visited the famous Meenakshi temple where they had earlier put up the Grand Golu Durbar during the Navaratri festivities. On the second day they decided to visit the birthplace of M.S. Subbulakshmi. They were surprised that no one could guide them to the house. After an unrelenting search in the scorching sun they found a small house in the congested Hanumantharaya Lane. It was the birthplace of the legendary singer. None knew about it though it was situated only a stone’s throw away from the west gopuram of the temple.
The Trio was shocked to find a tailor’s shop in the room where she was born. “There is no iota about her greatness to be seen anywhere, not even a nameboard or signboard in the vicinity, not a picture or photograph of MS inside the house,” they cry in one voice.
The only thing musical is a terracotta veena projecting from the facade of the building. We want to create awareness about the pathetic state of the house of the Queen of Melody. It should be made into a cultural landmark in Madurai.

1 comment:

    Yes,its an age old story.
    But we also have to understand that its some one else's ancestral place too.Bring back that terracotta veena,we all can worship it.Just so amazing to know the kind of impact MS had left on generations of musicians.People cannot forget her at all.I am reminded of Bhartruhari "Jayanti te sukruthinaha,rasa siddha kaveeshwara,nasthi yesham yashah kayee,jara maranajam bhayam!!"