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Monday, 27 February 2012

Vellore Ramabhadran passes away

By Sruti
Veteran mridanga vidwan Vellore Ramabhadran, known for his gentle touch, passed away at Chennai on 27 February 2012. He was 82.
Born on August 4, 1929, Ramabhadran learnt percussion from his father Vellore Gopalachariar, a well known laya vidwan. In a 70-year long career, Ramabhadran accompanied every musician of merit, including the all-time greats of Carnatic music.
A man with an amiable nature and impeccable manners, Ramabhadran was a good mimic of the great vocal masters he accompanied. He was a close friend of Sruti, with the Vellore Gopalachariar award for a leading musician an important collaboration between him and the Sruti Foundation.


  1. Great vidwan and an ideal accompanist. His gentle strokes will never disappear from our ears, as long as we listen to his accompanyment to many legends such as Dwaram, Madhura Mani Iyer, Prof. Mysore V Ramarathnam, Prof. T.N. Krishnan,... to name a few.

    Fondly referred to as "Nadhabhadran" one can always think that he ultimately achieved "NadhaBramhan". May his soul rest in piece, and his music live for ever

  2. Anand Parthasarathy3 March 2012 at 11:48

    My heartfelt condolence to the family members.He was a great artist and i admire his style of playing.He holds a permanent spot in all the music lovers heart!