Friday, 23 March 2012

Book on the Kaveri

By Sruti

It Happened Along the Kaveri: A Journey Through Space and Time is a delightful travel book along the banks of the river Kaveri by Padma Seshadri and Padma Malini Sundararaghavan, formerly colleagues in the Department of English at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Published by Niyogi Books and scheduled to be launched later this month, tells the reader “stories from mythology and history and anecdotes from the lives of great people who have shaped the region along her banks.”

Of particular interest to Sruti readers would be the coverage of the famous venues of the saivite Tirumurai and the paadal sthalams where the great Saiva saints sang and the centres where the Vaishnavite Divya prabandham first resonated.

Trivia and anecdotes abound, making the book extremely accessible, as you can see in this example: 
 Please watch out for our announcement of the book release function at www.sruti.com


  1. India,it's rich culture and heritage,it's spiritedness, spirituality,everything about it,from a small rivulet to the mighty ganges from the vivekananda rock memorial to the mighty himalayas,Everything is great.
    Thanks so much for that picture of that paperback,you took me to a temple town.Must appreciate creativity of the person who presented the article.

  2. the cauvery does not run in tanjore. it should be some 30 km away. how come the big temple is on the cover?