Thursday, 23 August 2012

Musician to watch

Bharat Sundar

Young vocalist Bharat Sundar of Jaya TV’s Carnatic Music Idol fame, has a good voice with a nice range, impressive articulation, and adherence to the specific kalapramana of the individual songs he sings. Evident in his concerts are good training, attitude and manodharma. For one so young, his music is mature.

At present a student of vidwan PS Narayanaswami, Bharat Sundar started learning Carnatic music at the age of six with Gayathri Mahesh, a senior disciple of veteran vocalist OS Thiagarajan. He continued lessons with vidushis Leelavathi Gopalakrishnan,a disciple of TS Balu, who in turn, was a sishya of GNB. Leelavathi’s son G Srikanth, a well known singer for bharata natyam, has also mentored Bharat who has received specialised instruction in pallavi singing from Trichy J.Venkatraman and Srimushnam Rajarao. Bharat is also learning percussion.

As a child, Bharat Sundar performed in over 600 concerts as a member of Ramjhi’s Issai Mazhalai, a prominent music group featuring children. He has travelled widely with the group in India and abroad. His exposure through Issai Mazhalai has been a great preparation for Bharat’s concert career.

His performances in the last couple of December seasons have provided evidence of a major prospect in the Carnatic music world. Writing in The Hindu, critic Viswanath Parasuram, praised him for his “dexterity of voice, good sense of the kriti, manodharma in raga alapana, niraval and kalpanaswaram, talakattu and concert craft”. “There is ample evidence that he has and continues to receive good guidance from his gurus,” said the critic, who advised Bharat to try to make his voice fuller, rounder and stronger in the lower registers. Viswanath advocated greater soukhyam in Bharat Sundar’s music, and we could not agree more. The introduction of that element would indeed make Bharat Sundar a more complete singer.

Bharat Sundar has been noted for the brilliance of his alapana, and his brave exploration of ragas beyond conventional phrases. He has also regularly displayed felicity and pleasant aesthetics in the way he articulates lyrics and sangatis. As we said before in Sruti, here is a bright prospect—if his head stays firmly on his shoulders.

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  1. To me he very much resembles Sanjay Subrahmanian both in style of rendering and the texture of voice. I think that is the best compliment one can pay to this young singer.