Saturday, 11 August 2012

No anonymous comments, please!

Sometime ago we decided not to publish anonymous comments, and the policy continues. We, however, make an exception of these two comments below, as they are in appreciation of an artist and a blogger, while reiterating our decision not to carry anonymous comments in future.

On Ramakrishnan Murthy’s Oli concert

We have known Ram since he was nine. He has been the role model for kids in the Southern California community who are pursuing music. And soon the world over. He is great and will certainly meet all expectations as he matures and can only get better. A well deserved appreciation for all the artists and recognition for all the masters.

On MV Swaroop’s short story

Super writing, Swaroop!
A sparkling narrative! Swift-moving dialog, humor jiving along like the sukhamAna vAsippu of a veteran sarva laghu.
I haven't read you before but look forward to reading much more of your stuff.
Apt support? apAra play ;)

Abusive comments

While heaping praise on the great Balasaraswati, one commenter has said “Without Bala, these people are nothing.” This may not seem very abusive, but we draw the line even at such abuse. If you want to be published, give your name in full and by all means criticize constructively, but strictly no personal attacks, foul language or slander. Thanks.


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