Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tongue in cheek

By V Ramnarayan

TM Krishna is certainly one of our favourite musicians, someone who is constantly trying to push the frontiers of excellence, even if some of his initiatives draw criticism, sometimes anger, from people who often see such negative qualities as excessive self-promotion and arrogance in his actions.

Some of these critics accuse Sruti of bias in favour of Krishna. We like to think that what we have is a bias in favour of excellence and striving, and while we admire Krishna’s music, and respect his right to air his views, even if they are controversial, we shall not hesitate to say so when we disagree with his views.

We cannot deny, however, that Krishna has clear views on matters concerning him and his art, and matters that do not concern either as well and does not hesitate to express them.

We also believe he has a nice sense of humour and will not take it amiss if we decide to have some fun at his expense. So here we go!

Krishna Krishna

What will TM Krishna write on next? A sneak peek into a list of forthcoming content for Sruti over the next few months reveals the following articles he is planning:
  1. Lalgudi Gopala Iyer, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi: merits and demerits of the guru-sishya bloodline.
  2. The Tanjore Quartette and the Indian Spin Quartet: a study in contrast.
  3. Who will stop the exodus during tani avartanam? An in-depth analysis of the roles and responsibilities of (i) the vocalist; (ii) the violinist; (iii) the mridanga vidwan (we almost said mridangist but remembered Umayalpuram Sivaraman could sue us for that); (iv) the ghatam vidwan; (v) the khanjira artist; (vi) the konnakkol artist; (vii) the morsing vidwan; (viii) the sabha secretary; (ix) rasikas still seated.
  4. Human rights violations in Zimbabwe
  5. Jugalbandi, fusion and Carnatic rap: a case study of current trends in fundraisers
  6. Gharana and bani: from tradition to superstition
  7. Endangered species in the Himalayas, Andes, and Antarctica: A bungee jumper’s perspective.
  8. Svanubhava’s next stop at Peshawar/ Addis Ababa: a curtain raiser
  9. Why the Central College of Music and the Film Institute should merge to preserve artistic freedom
  10. The law of probability: who will retire first—Sachin Tendulkar or RK Srikantan?


  1. Lol... You are giving him ideas!

  2. Yes... I do have a sense of humour.. you have me splits Mr Ramnarayan...But i will not take the risk of telling you which of these articles will be first on the list!


  3. Glad to see Shruti not bowing to persnickity and pedantic spewing with regards to the Man himself.Krishna is the uncrowned king of Carnatic Music, not merely as a vocalist but as a teacher, mentor and scholar. His sense of social responsibility is unparalleled in the 'art' world.

  4. Can I add - "Singing Dikshitar kritis in Tyagaraja parampara ragas: The only justified case for capital punishment" to the list?

  5. Let detractors do their job. Let TM Krishna sir do his. He is doing it great....If all that they can find fault with him is only what you said above, let there be more !!!!