Wednesday, 10 October 2012


MV Swaroop

28-year-old MV Swaroop is a promising young flautist, who finds time for music in the midst of working in a lawyer’s firm and daily attendance at the High Court, writing short stories, long stories, one book, newspaper and magazine articles, organising chamber concerts, watching cricket and occasionally writing about it—even comparing Anandabhairavi and Reetigaula to Tendulkar and Sehwag—watching the “first day-first show” of Rajnikant films, and doing his duties as a sishya of Sangita Kalanidhi N Ramani.

Swaroop learned vocal music from Parameshwara Bhat of Udupi. During this period, he performed on stage and won several competitions. He passed the Senior Level Examination in Carnatic Vocal Music conducted by the Karnataka State Government in 2000.

Since 2006, Swaroop has been learning to play the flute first from L.V. Mukund of Bengaluru, a senior disciple of N Ramani, and later, on moving to Chennai, from Ramani himself.

Ramani has taught Swaroop the importance of clarity of tone and expression, stressing the importance of a strong sense of laya. Swaroop tries to play in a style very similar to his guru’s. His acute sense of raga bhava, besides a sharp aptitude for the theory and nuances of both raga and laya mark him out as an especially thoughtful musician.

In addition to classroom instruction, his learning has been benefiting from accompanying Ramani in performances. On his own, he has numerous concerts to his credit.

A graduate of the prestigious National Law School of India University, Bangalore, and visiting faculty at the University on taxation law Swaroop is a practising advocate of the Madras High Court. He is an extremely popular blogger writing on a wide range of subjects. In music, he is a sensitive rasika.

Swaroop is a regular contributor to Sruti magazine and the Sruti blog.

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  1. Nice to know more about Mr. Swaroop, whose blogs I enjoy. Based on his blogs, I might add that he is partial to Todi.