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Monday, 19 November 2012

Musicians to watch

Trichur Brothers

Srikrishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan have been prominent in the Carnatic music circuit in the past few years as a pair of vocalists with strong, expressive voices and a pleasing delivery style. The sons of senior mridanga vidwan Trichur Mohan, the young siblings have impressed one and all with their extrovert presentation juxtaposed by its emotive content and sensitivity to raga music.

Belonging to a traditional business family from Thrissur, Kerala, the duo had their early lessons in Carnatic music from their father, a fact that should explain their noticeable strength in the rhythmic aspect of music. Now a fixture in the Chennai music season, the brothers have exerted a charismatric appeal over audiences, with their clean good looks, dignified stage presence and their maintenance of  the integrity of their pathantara.

Srikrishna and Ramkumar have trained under Srimati Balamani Eswar, Prof. Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran  for over a decade, and now PS Narayanaswami, the renowned Sangita Kala Acharya from the Semmangudi school. The late TM Thyagarajan and Govindan Namboothiri have been their other mentors.

Popular performers in India and abroad, both on stage and radio and television, the young vocalists have already won many an award. A four-and-a-half hour concert at Toronto at the tail-end of a tour of North America has been one of the highlights of their travels abroad.

The Trichur Brothers practise a special brand of raga alapana with both partners exchanging phrases long and short, in an equally distributed exploration of the ragas they take up.

Along with Trichur R Mohan (mridangam), Vedanth Bharadwaj (acoustic guitar) and other talented musicians, the brothers have recently been performing in fusion concerts.

The Trichur Brothers are among the bright prospects in the Carnatic music scene, provided they continue to adhere to sound traditional values, even as they pursue innovative goals.

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