Friday, 24 May 2013

Vidya without vinaya

By S. Keshava Murthy

Vidwan T.M. Krishna is one of the most acclaimed Carnatic vocalists. Goddess Saraswati has bestowed on him many prime qualities of a vocalist and blessed him abundantly, not to take away the hard work and innovative methods he employs during his concerts. In fact, he is the right role model for the younger generation pursuing this art. This statement is exclusively applicable to his ‘vidya’, not to his ‘vinaya’.

The Bangalore Gayana Samaja recently presented him in their inaugural concert in connection with their 44th Annual Music Conference. True to his tradition, he began his concert with the major raga Todi. The kriti lasted over 30 minutes.

When the concert had progressed to around 45 minutes, there developed a minor technical snag in the audio hardware, which needed a few minutes to set right. This sudden development was beyond the control of the organisers. At this juncture, Krishna exhibited unpleasant body language which did not go well with the tradition and prestige of the institution. He threw the microphone and started singing without the support of the amplifying unit.

Meanwhile, the organisers diagnosed the hitch and rectified the problem in a few minutes. When Krishna was requested to switch over to the mike, he refused and threw a tantrum, which was disrespectful of the music connoisseurs in the auditorium.

The entire concert was hijacked without the audio system and the music lovers were deprived of relishing Krishna’s music. In the history of Gayana Samaja, no musician has ever resorted to this kind of treatment to the music loving audience. This virtually amounted to disrespect to goddess Saraswati.

Numerous strong protests are being exchanged in various rasika-related sites condemning the behaviour of the artist.

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