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Friday, 1 November 2013

Moving tributes to TR Subramanyam at Ramana Kendra

By Samudri

Senior musicians and patrons of music paid moving tributes to the memory of Prof. TR Subramanyam at a homage meeting at Ramana Kendra, Mylapore, on 16th October.

Sangita Kalanidhi R. Vedavalli recalled TRS’s mastery of laya and his beautiful handling swara prastara bringing out the nuances of the raga with coimplete control. She and other speakers recalled the impact of GNB’s music on TRS as a young man. Sangita Kala Acharya P.S. Narayanaswami praised TRS’s immense self-confidence, and his lack of interest in wealth and honours.

Sri K.S. Kalidas and Sri Mannargudi Eswaran, both mridangam vidwans, dwelt on the technical excellence of Subramanyam’s music, the laya expertise that enabled him to compose pallavis and varnams in rare ragas and talas.

Sri VV Sundaram acknowledged Subramanyam’s role in initiating the Advanced Pallavi Competition in Cleveland., even now, a programme which draws huge participants and crowds.

Sri Ramabhadran of SAFE marveled at TRS’s total commitment to music even when beset by ill health or tragedies.

All the speakers spoke of the vidwan’s affection for young musicians and the way he encouraged them not only with concert opportunities, but also help with the pursuit of doctoral research programmes, often obtaining the requisite application forms from universities, just as he helped them secure grants from the government.

After the tributes, Padma Seshadri Sisters and Salem Gayatri Venkatesan gave samples of TRS’s compositions in two brief concerts.

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