Thursday, 14 August 2014

Jayateerth Mevundi

By Ramdas Menon

Jayateerth Mevundi may well be the brightest star in the Kirana gharana today, of which the legendary Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was the foremost exponent. The bandish is “Jaoon Mein Tope Balihari” in Brindabani which was a favorite of the Pandit. Jayateerth just overwhelms you with his magnificent virtuosity. The taans come out one after the other with terrifying speed and blinding clarity. And the best part is that this is done with effortless ease; just watch the expression on his face. This drut piece lasts for less than 8 minutes, but leaves the impression of a lifetime. This is an absolutely electrifying performance, and Jayateerth Mevundi will surely find a place in the topmost echelons of the Hindustani pantheon.

Thanks a lot to Arvind Ranganathan for sharing this. He is a disciple of Karaikudi Mani. Arvind is an accomplished mridangist who manages a fine balance between his corporate career and his music. Why don’t you put up your recently held lec-dem conducted under the aegis of the Lalgudi trust for the benefit of us aam janta?

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