Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tributes to a diehard rasika

Venkateswaran Memorial Concert

By V Ramnarayan
Arkay Convention Centre

Chennai 4

2 August 2014

It was a rare event--a tribute to the memory of a rasika. I was very happy to participate in this celebration of the late Sri Venkateswaran of ITC, a die-hard enthusiast of Carnatic and Hindustani music. 

He attended a concert virtually every day of his life for decades, taking buses and share autos to and from the venue. He was frank and outspoken but also knew how to appreciate good music.

Sriram Parasuram, Serthalai Anantakrishnan, KV Gopalakrishnan and Gurumurti Vaidya gave us a real musical treat. Great participation from a lovely audience, too.

I was one of the speakers, followed by S Sivakumar, freelance journalist, and close friends of Venkateswaran, Kannan and Kulkarni.

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