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Friday, 23 January 2015

At the Tamil Isai Sangam

By BuzyBee

The Tamil Isai Sangam conducted the Pann research conference from 23 to 25  December 2014. The panns taken up for discussion were Desakiri, Malavakiri, Ariya kuchchari, Mudirnda kuchchari and Savagakkurinji. Their equivalent present day ragas were decided as Ranjani, Hindolam, Amritavarshini, Suddha Dhanyasi and Muktidayini (a janya of Vachaspati without the nishada). The researchers present were President of the Tamil Isai Sangam Justice P.R. Gokulakrishnan, Lepa Karu Ramanathan Chettiar, Dr. Ananda Nataraja Dikshitar, Dr. M.A. Bhageerathi, Dr. Sirkazhi Sivachidambaram (recipient of this season''s Isai Peraringnar title), Dr. Pushpavanam K. Kuppusamy, Tiruppanandal S. Muthukandasamy Desigar. Sirkazhi Thirugnanasambanda Oduvar,  Muthukumarasamy, Dr. Lakshmi Poduval, Dr. Thangarasu, Dr. E. Angayarkanni and Dr.S.A.K. Durga. The Pann research conference was presided over by vidwan  A.K.C. Natarajan.

Music students of Oppilal Isai Palli, below 15 years of age, presented classical music on the keyboard at the Tamil Isai Sangam during the 72nd annual music and dance festival held at Raja Annamalai Manram in December 2014. The Oppilal School for Music was started three years ago in Abhiramapuram by Seeta Chidambaram, a patron of art and culture. A number of youngsters and women attend music classes in vocal, veena, gettuvadyam and keyboard.

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