Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nadasangamam meet at Tennangur

Annual Music Workshop (6-8 February, 2015)

By Sumathi Krishnan

Nadasangamam, the music wing of Narada Gana Sabha has been organising residential workshops for musicians and senior students of music since 2011 at at Thennangur, situated 117 km from Chennai. This town is famous for its Panduranga temple. Dr. R. S.  Jayalakshmi is the convener and Dr. Sumathi Krishnan the coordinator for the event. 

Each year it is held either during the last week of January or early February. This year it is scheduled to be held between 6th and 8th February, 2015.  Thennangur is a unique experience as great gurus come to teach and students get the rare opportunity to interact with them closely for a few days. The routine is challenging, starting from yoga in the early hours, continuing with teaching sessions through the day and culminating in dolotsavam and bhajans at the Panduranga temple in the evening.


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(Note: Filled in Application forms to be submitted at the Narada Gana Sabha Office  between 5th and 20th  January  Contact – 24993201 or soomty@gmail.com)

This year the theme is Pallavi Singing. We are fortunate to have experts Sangita Kalanidhi 
R Vedavalli teach the subtle aspects of niraval in pallavi singing,  and Chitravina N Ravikiran guide students in the complex art of  constructing  a balanced pallavi.  AS Murali of Kalakshetra will take the students on a journey of swara singing and RS Jayalakshmi will anchor a session on allied ragas.

Voice training and voice culture are a very vital part of the training and shaping of a musician. Dr. Shruti Jauhari, well known Hindustani musician presently training many students and on the panel of musicians at KMMC, A.R. Rehman's conservatory of Music, will conduct a session on  training the voice.

Renjith Babu and Vijna begin each day with their session on yoga. As trained classical dancers, they are aware of the requirements of a musician and their session is particularly designed for the vocal and physical health of a musician.

Nadasangamam hopes to encourage young musicians and give them opportunities to meet and interact with senior musicians thus enriching their musical experience. Those interested in registering for the event may collect forms at the Narada Gana Sabha Office after 18th December.

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