Song of Surrender

Saturday, 27 February 2016

An artist without ego

By G. Sundari

Years ago, I recall my father returning after witnessing an arangetram and telling my mother: "This girl will make her mark as a Bharatanatyam dancer." The following week, the girl's picture adorned the cover of the weekly Kalki, which carried  a review of Kalanidhi's arangetram.

Kalanidhi was one of those rare individuals who are devoid of the temperament we usually associate with artists. She was by nature, a friendly person. She used to visit our house in the Theosophical Society when Peria Sarada was alive. Sarada always requested her to sing a padam of her choice. Both of them had a vast repertoire, and Kalanidhi sang beautifully.

Once when Sarada asked Kalanidhi to do abhinaya for a song without sringara,  Kalanidhi's depiction of a song of devotion and bhakti was admirable. My regret is that I failed to record these friendly meetings of two great artists.

Though she became so famous, Kalanidhi did not have even an iota of ego. It was a rare trait. In her passing away I have lost a good and worthy friend who could appreciate others wholeheartedly.

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