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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Generation Next

By Nandini Ramani

Janaki Rangarajan

Janaki Rangarajan is a US-based Bharatanatyam dancer who trained first with Madhavi Chadrasekhar of Tiruchi and then for about a decade with Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. Since her arangetram in 1993, she has performed for numerous organisations in Chennai and other metros and at well-known festivals in the country. She participated in many group productions of Padma Subrahmanyam while she was member of the teaching staff at Nrithyodaya from 1993 to 2001.

Marriage to Aneal Krishnamurthy, who is also involved in cultural pursuits, took Janaki to the U.S.A., where her dedication to her art received further support. In about a decade, Janaki has performed in renowned festivals like the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Festival Of India, and World Arts, Music and Dance Festival. She runs her dance school Nritya Niketan in Alexandria, U.S.A.

Janaki is a vibrant dancer who has intelligently blended the essence of her guru’s Bharatanrityam into the regular stream of Bharatnatyam, to evolve an impressive style of her own. Her dance is marked by well-chiselled delineation of both nritta and abhinaya. Her well conceived technique enables her to mould her physique effortlessly into the karana-s as and when appropriate. She weaves in pauses and sculpturesque poses into her dance with ease and fluidity even as she performs difficult adavu-s with firm footwork, creating contrasting textures of grace and firmness, of refined talent and visual beauty. Janaki is an empanelled artist of the ICCR and graded artist of the Doordarshan. She is the recipient of many awards for young dancers like Yuva Kala Bharati and Natanamamani.

Her meticulous planning and presentation of performances are a result of not only her rigorous training, practice, and commitment to the dance form, but also of her high academic proficiency. A scientist with a doctorate in molecular genetics, Janaki is a recipient of many gold medals and honours for her academic attainments.

Apart from successfully completing diploma, post diploma and certificate courses in dance, Janaki has learnt Carnatic vocal music from D.K. Nagarajan, and veena from Kamala Viswanathan. Her understanding of the inter-relation of music and dance add a special appeal to her artistry.

Janaki visits India every year for the music and dance season and performs some 15 recitals in the four months beginning October. She has something different to offer in every performance, and that is where her success lies. This hard working, passionate dancer, has all the potential to rise high and create a place for herself in the vibrant dance scene in the years to come.

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