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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Parivadini Pratibha Series

By Lalitha Ram

Parivadini YouTube channel made waves when it arrived in December 2013 by webcasting over 150 concerts during the music season. Ever since, it has been an effective platform to promote upcoming talent and to showcase unsung heroes. Parivadini has once and for all changed the way carnatic music was taken to the target audience. Parivadini webcasts has webcast well over 1000 concerts live so far. Apart from the live webcasts, Parivadini also conducts a yearly concert/lec dem series and has instituted a first of its kind award. The yearly Parlandu award, instituted under the name of Fernandes (known as Parlandu), is given to a classical music instrument maker as a token of appreciation. Parivadini was registered as a charitable trust in 2015.

Ever since we started the yearly Parivadini Concert series we have been receiving a number requests from talented young musicians to feature them in our series. While we try to feature as many artists we can, our capacity is limited. As a result, we had turn down most of the genuine requests despite knowing their talent.

This trend has been irking our minds for several years now. This year we set out to change it through the introduction of “Parivadini Pratibha Series”. We have dedicated six “one hour” slots (akin to a typical slot in a radio concert) on Saturday and Sunday afternoons of December 2ndand December 3rd for this series.

We hope this way we will be able to feature more talents that deserves limelight.

Who is eligible for Parivadini Pratibha Series?

If you are an aspiring musician under 25 and if you have not performed so far in the Parivadini Concert Series, you are eligible to apply for a concert slot. Applications are open for both Vocalists as well as instrumentalists. You can also apply for a slot as a team (For example: Singer/Violinist/Percussionists).

How do I apply for a concert slot?

The applicants are requested to record a video (not exceeding 12 mins) exclusively for this purpose and share it with Parivadini. You could use dropbox or google drive to share your video. Our email ID is parivadinimusic@gmail.com. The recording must consist of a Raga Alapana and a Kriti Rendition. Please do not post the video for public viewing. Please note that the concerts would take place on Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd 2017. Please make sure that you are available on those dates before you apply. Please send us your bio data along with your entry. You may also provide links to recordings of your performance that are available in public domain as an appendix.

What is the selection Process?

We have a panel of judges comprising of knowledgeable rasikas and musicians. They will review the entries and select the top six entries. Needless to say that the judges decisions are indisputable. There is a good chance that an entry is very good yet doesn’t get featured in the top six. Such entries would be featured in Parivadini YouTube Channel with a special mention.

List of Important Dates:

05th Oct 2017: Last date to Submit your entry
05th Nov 2017: Top entries would be featured on Parivadini YouTube
10th Nov 2017: Winning Six entrants will be announced.

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