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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Firoz Dastur

30.9.1919 - 9.5.2008
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Firoz Dastur also Feroze Dastur was an Indian film actor and a Hindustani vocalist from the Kirana Gharana.
Dastur was part of Indian Film Industry in 1930s, acting in a few films by Wadia Movietone and other film banners. In 1933, when Wadia Movietone under JBH Wadia, released its first talkie film, he performed classical songs as child actor in film Lal-e-Yaman. But his first love was Indian Classical Music.
He was a disciple of Sawai Gandharva, whose other disciples were Bhimsen Joshi and Gangubai Hangal, and a regular performer at Sawai Gandharva Music Festival for several years, well into his late 80s.
Pt.Firoz Dastur's music was very close to Abdul Karim Khan's style. He taught music to many. Some of his disciples are - Wagle, Sudha Divekar, Achyut Abhyankar, Sujan Rane, and Usha Deshpande.

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