Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Jayachamaraja Wodeyar

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Monday, 16 July 2018

A richly deserved honour for Aruna Sairam

By V. Ramnarayan

I have been a great admirer of Aruna Sairam the musician, from the time before she reinvented her concert repertoire to capture the popular mandate as arguably the most successful artist of her time. I had been privileged to listen to her rendition in the company of Geetha Raja of an authentic Dhanammal bani recital at a house concert a couple of decades ago. I knew of her heroic battle against audience indifference, her indomitable spirit that helped her plunge into a voyage of voice-and self-discovery placing complete trust in the hands of a German expert, her powerful fusion efforts in which her newly acquired, sonorous voice rang clear and true in a bell-like tone that would have done an MS or a Gangubai Hangal proud. I was also lucky to participate in a couple of panel discussions in which she displayed great bhakti towards her art and her guru, as well as a sharp intellect and brilliant articulation. The Music Academy has bestowed on her a richly deserved honour, I am sure as much in recognition of all these sterling qualities as acknowledgement of her undeniable role as a proselytiser of Carnatic music who has drawn sizable new audiences to this classical art. She has been a good friend of Sruti magazine. We appreciate her steadfast support and salute her in her hour of glory. Our cup of joy will be full when she realises her potential for true greatness as a champion of all that is good in music.

Here's something I wrote some years ago: https://srutimag.blogspot.com/search?q=aruna+sairam

Amritha Murali

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Music Academy announces awards for Season 2018

Sangita Kalanidhi - Aruna Sairam

Sangita Kala Acharya - Thanjavur Ramadas and K. Omanakutty

TTK Award - Kalyani Ganesan and S.R.G. Rajanna

Musicologist - Dr. Premeela Gurumurthy

Nritya Kalanidhi - Shanta Dhananjayan

Sunday, 15 July 2018

R N Thyagarajan

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Mogubai Kurdikar

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Vinjamuri Varadaraja Iyengar

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Kartik Rajagopal Memorial Award for Mrs. YGP

Kartik Fine Arts honoured veteran organiser, educationist, writer and connoisseur of the arts Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy with the Kartik Rajagopal Memorial Award comprising a purse and a memento, on 3 July 2018, at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Main Hall in Mylapore, Chennai. Chief guest Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti presented the Award to Mrs. YGP as the two secretaries D.S. Rajagopalan and Rajagopal Sekar (Secretary) and president K.M. Narasimhan look on 

K N Dandayudhapani Pillai

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Kesarbai Kerkar

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Astad Deboo

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

S R Janakiraman

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O S Arun

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Indira Parthasarathy

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Remembering MDR

Vandeham Varadadasam, a celebration of the music of Carnatic music legend M.D. Ramanathan (MDR), was organised recently by his son Balaji Ramanathan  at Raga Sudha hall in Chennai. While Sangita Kalanidhi T.V. Gopalakrishnan spoke about the emotional connect, the “Sound, music and meaning in MDR’s art” were “deconstructed” by the erudite musician Sriram Parasuram. It was followed by an impressive concert by Ramakrishnan Murthy, who was ably accompanied  by Mysore Srikanth (violin) J. Vaidyanathan (mridangam) and K.V. Gopalakrishnan (khanjira).

SNA Yuva Puraskar awardees

The Central Sangeet Natak Akademi has selected 34 artists to receive the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2017.  The award was introduced in 2006 with the objective of identifying and encouraging outstanding young talents in diverse fields of performing arts and giving them national recognition early in life, so that they may work with greater commitment and dedication in their chosen fields. It is given to artists below 40 years of age and carries a purse money of  25,000 rupees.
In the field of music, eight recipients of the Yuva Puraskar are: Aditya Khandve and Sawani Shende (H-vocal); Rimpa Siva (H-tabla); Amaan Ali Bangash and  Ayaan Ali Bangash (joint awardees) (H-sarod); Prasanna Venkatraman (C-vocal); Trivandrum N. Sampath (C-violin); Kotipalli Ramesh (C-mridangam)  and Mayanglanbam Sobhamani Singh (nata sankeertan).
In the field of dance, the eight recipients are: Parshwanath Upadhye (Bharatanatyam); Vidha Lal (Kathak); C.M. Unnikrishnan (Kathakali); Adhikarimayum Radhamanbi Devi (Manipuri); Bhavana Reddy (Kuchipudi); Janhabi Behera (Odissi); Sudesh Adhana (Contemporary dance) and Sai Shravanam (music for dance).
In the field of theatre, the eight recipients are: Kuldeep Kumar (playwriting); Vyomesh Shukla and Quasar Thakore Padamsee (direction); Daksha Sharma and Devaki Mark (acting); Bijender Tank (lighting); Rajesh Singh (scenic design); Tadepalli Satyanarayana Sarma (Yakshagana).
In the field of Traditional/ Folk/ Tribal Music/ Dance/ Theatre and  Puppetry, the eight recipients are: Hemant Vaishnav (folk theatre, Chhattisgarh); Kutle Khan Manganiar (folk music - kartal, Rajasthan); Kalamandalam Hariharan (maddalam, Kerala); Manzoor Ahmed Shah  (folk music - Chakkri, Jammu and Kashmir); Asha Negi  (folk music - Neoli, Uttarakhand); Sarbeswar Bhoi (folk dance and music - Sambalpuri, Odisha); Nooran Sisters Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran (joint awardees, folk music, Punjab); Gopal Singh Habbi (mask making, Himachal Pradesh).

Astad Deboo conferred Living Legend Award

Astad Deboo, a pioneer of Contemporary Dance in India, was conferred the  'Yagnaraman Living  Legend Award' by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha during the valedictory function of the Yagnaraman July Fest on 1st July 2018. The  'Yagnaraman Award of Excellence' was conferred on  versatile percussionist V. Selvaganesh. Senior dance critic and writer Leela Venkataraman presented the awards and Fazal Quereshi felicitated the awardees. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti, R. Venkateswaran and Saashwathi Prabhu of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha  also participated in the proceedings.

Friday, 6 July 2018

A Book on Twelve Vaggeyakaras

The book titled "Downpouring Devotion of Vaggeyakaras" written by Prof. P.P. Ramakrishnan was released on 23 June 2018 at the Kasturi Srinivasan Hall of the Music Academy, Chennai. The function was presided by N. Murali, President of the Music Academy. The first copy of the book, released by natyacharya V.P. Dhananjayan, was received by Sangita Kalanidhi T.V. Gopalakrishnan, in the presence of the publisher Dr. (Prof). Kartikeyan Nair, Director of Kerala State Institute of Languages, and the author P.P. Ramakrishnan (Retd. Principal of the Swathi Tirunal College of Music, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala). All the speakers paid rich tributes to Prof. Ramakrishnan on his completing 50 years as a music teacher and having taught over 7000 students during his long tenure in Carnatic music colleges in Kerala. The function concluded with a full-length vocal concert by his disciple Ram  Manikandan--a 12-old prodigy.

Mayadhar Raut

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M Balamuralikrishna

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6.7.1930 - 22.11.2016
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

M L vasanthakumari

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Monday, 2 July 2018

Guruvayur Dorai

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Hariprasad Chaurasia

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Saturday, 30 June 2018


Sruti July 2018
A recent illness has proved to be almost a boon as an informal support group has rallied around with music and stories about musicians old and new and generally proved to be very therapeutic. Many friends shared their favourite music with me and luckily much of it was to my liking though a clear favourite was  old recordings of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer and  M.S. Subbulakshmi, especially one recording in which there is a veena in the background by MS herself. Listening to the Bhairavi swarajati by them both and Semmangudi’s Kharaharapriya alapana (followed by Chakkani raja) was a memorable experience while I was still in the hospital and it was the only time I shed tears since I fell ill because the music was so cathartic. I marvelled at the nooks and crevices of ragas that Semmangudi could explore with such feeling, though struggling with his recalcitrant voice and effortlessly repeating his trademark sarvalaghu patterns in swaraprastara.
Some of the stories I heard had to do with Semmangudi himself and one was about his famed wit and candour even on public occasions. This is about an award he had received while replying to felicitations on stage when he apparently said: “They have announced an award but where is the money? And where is the interest?” to the amusement of all present.
Another story was about a young musician who was visiting him, and he asked her: “You have many concerts these days; I am sure you must be paid very well. How much do they pay you?” And she said “No Mama, we accept all kinds of concert engagements, sometimes we even do free concerts. Pat came Semmangudi’s reply: “I don’t believe you”!
Once M.S. Subbulakshmi had asked him if he had heard the Divine Unison CD in which they had sung together, and the violin and mridangam were added later. She told him, “It sounds very good”.  To which he replied, “Poovodu serndu naarum manakkum. Nee poo naan naaru!” (You are the flower and I the string, gaining fragrance from the flower).
Another story I heard had to do with Karaikudi Sambasiva Iyer who, impressed by a young child’s musical prowess, gifted her a  “baby” veena. This story was told by my wife to Srikumar his great grandson who has promised to bring his veena and play for us. I look forward to that as we don’t get to listen to veena music these days.
A wonderful experience was the song a well known musician sang over the phone for me; I will treasure it for the rest of my life.
Despite warnings from the doctors that I might strain myself too much by  talking to visitors, I welcome them all the time. Talking to them at home is a real tonic and I know now that music can be a therapy, though I dread to think what could have happened if I had listened to some bad music. In fact one of my friends to whom classical music is anathema said that my illness might have been caused by listening to too much Carnatic music. Touche!
My recent experience suggests that good music can strike a deep emotional chord, if not heal, especially heard from close quarters.

Pudukottai Dakshinamurthy Pillai

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30.6.1878 - 1936

Friday, 29 June 2018

Tyagaraja Aradhana in Paris

The Paris Tyagaraja Aradhana was organised by Carnatic Conservatory of Paris (founded by Bhavana Pradyumna) at the S.R.C.M Centre on 20 May 2018. The aradhana began with the lighting of the lamp and singing of Pillari Geetegalu and the kriti Guruleka yatuvanti. The group rendition of the Pancharatna kritis was led by Padma Malini Raghunandan, Bhavana Pradyumna and Srividya Badri Narayan with Venkata Krishnan on the mridangam. The musical structure and meaning of the kritis were explained in French. CCP students also sang kritis of Tyagaraja and Purandaradasa. As the event also focussed on ‘Guru-sishya’, the Carnatic Conservatory of Paris honoured gurus Malavika and Padma Malini Raghunandan.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Bal Gandharva

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26.6.1888 - 15.7.1967
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Gauhar Jan

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26.6.1873 - 17.1.1930

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Omkarnath Thakur

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24.6.1897 - 29.12.1967
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Guru Gopinath

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24.6.1908 - 9.10.1987
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