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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sudharani Raghupathy

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In 1965, Sudharani was only 21 years of age but the responsibility of choosing which road to follow was left entirely to her by her parents. Her mother was ready to back her up if she wanted to pursue dance, while her father would probably have understood her if she did that, compromising her chance to lead a life of wife and mother. But they left the decision to her.

Sudharani had already acquired a reputation as a fine Bharatanatyam dancer— and made the eminent teachers who had groomed her feel proud. She had earned the appreciation of ordinary VIPs, namely the connoisseurs, as well as of WIPs like Heads of State and Prime Ministers. She had learnt Carnatic music also. She had graduated with a B.A. degree in philosophy and sociology from the University of Mysore. She had studied abroad, in the United States of America, for a year and this had widened her horizons. She had acquired a degree of sophistication, in addition to the college degrees. She had gained enormous selfconfidence. With such qualifications and experience, she could pursue a career, in dance, if she wished to do so, and hope to succeed.

Interestingly, yet, she chose to travel the other road, knowing very well that it almost certainly meant a drastic change from the joy of dancing in front of footlights to assuming responsibilities as a 'domesticated' wife and mother. She was willing, if not eager, to leave all the glory and glitter behind. She elected to marry R. Raghupathy, 'the boy next door' in a manner of speaking: her and his parents had stayed only a couple of streets apart in Bangalore and known each other for many years, even though the latter had their base in Madras. The alliance had been broached five years earlier and even then Sudharani had tentatively agreed to it.

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