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Monday, 10 September 2018

World Music Day in the Twin Cities


It has become an annual feature for the twin cities to celebrate World Music Day with great enthusiasm. All the artists of the area come together to celebrate the universality of music, irrespective of the genres they belong to. The celebrations this year showcased several genres at many venues.
American folk songs by Karuna and Amit Deshwal
Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad shouldered the responsibility of organising the event in multiple venues all through 24 June 2018, and the turnout was exceptionally good. Ranging from Western classical music renditions to Hindustani and Carnatic music recitals, there was an ample dose of folk music, jazz, pop and even a stream of young talent coming forward to showcase their abilities.

The host venue of Alliance Francaise had an exclusive recital from Strings and Tunes headed by Western classical instructor and performer Ashrita D’Souza and her students, accompanied by Naveen on the grand piano. The famous choir Deccan Voices also performed at the Vidyaranya School, which featured an interesting melange of popular and rare numbers.
Hindustani vocal concert by Kaushik Lahoti
Interestingly, venues like Lamakaan and Goethe Zentrum also featured Indian classical music performances, thereby opening up new venues and had the audience enthralled. Rock Castle promoted more of young talent who presented Carnatic fusion and Hindustani performances which were well received. Emani Kalyani’s veena concert at the Alliance Francaise drew much attention and praise. There was an exquisite show of Carnatic guitar by Solomon Nesa Kumar.

The highlight was the Carnatic fusion concert headed by Peri Thyagaraj playing the violin, with Irfan Khan sitar, and a percussion crossover ranging from the mridangam to live drumming. Our Sacred Space offered a mix of genres such as ghazals, Hindustani music, Western classical and Celtic folk music.

Saptaparni stuck to the homeground of Indian music by encouraging young fusion artists in the city. Hyderabad also aimed at fusing musical worlds together with impressive jugalbandi concerts.

World Music Day in the twin cities was eventful and a happy experience for performers and audiences alike. The fare was entertaining, and had much variety.

(Musician and freelance journalist)

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