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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

T. Rukmini

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TRukmini has been one  of the most preferred violin accompanists in the Carnatic music scene for years. The reasons are not far to seek: her decided skill with the instrument, deep knowledge of the lakshana of raga-s, adeptness in quickly grasping what the main performer is doing, and willingness to follow the main performer as a true accompanist should. Not for her an overbearing attitude and one-upmanship. Her views on the role of an accompanist are clear and firm and she strives to play this role wholeheartedly and succeeds admirably. In her career, spanning decades, she has played as accompanist to stalwarts as well as upand- coming musicians of many generations. audiences not only with her vidwat and the way she has played her part as an accompanist, but with her stage presence and the pleasantness which always seems to surround her.

Rukmini's first performance as accompanist in a proper recital hall— and for her the most memorable and significant one— was at the Town Hall in Bangalore when she was just 16 years old. She accompanied T.R. Mahalingam (Flute Mali) in a benefit programme. By then she had already taken part in some concerts presented by the same organisers and earned a name as a competent accompanist. She had also attended many of Mali's concerts and longed for an opportunity to play with him, As for Mali, apparently he had heard about Rukmini as a talented violinist but had not himself heard her perform. In the event, he agreed to have her accompany him in the concert after she played one song for him, a sampler.

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