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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Bahadur Khan

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19.1.1931 - 3.10.1989
Bahadur Khan (1931-1989) was an outstanding, though inadequately recognised, sarodist, trained by his uncle, the legendary Ustad Alauddin Khan (Baba). By kinship and tutelage, Bahadur Khan was a product of the Maihar-Senia lineage, a trailblazer in modern Hindustani instrumental music. Interest in his musicianship has received a fillip in recent years, because of his disciple Tejendra Majumdar’s emergence as a frontranking sarod player.

Bahadur Khan was the son of Ayet Ali Khan, younger brother of Allauddin Khan. Ayet Ali was an exponent of the surbahar (a large-sized bass sitar). A man of withdrawn nature, he eschewed a performing career and devoted his life to teaching and the manufacture of instruments. Baba and Ayet Ali Khan had another brother, Fakir Aftabuddin, who was an accomplished musician but became a religious preacher. Something of a family pattern emerges here: the men had high accomplishments in music, brought up families, but adopted ascetic, non-conformist, or reclusive lifestyles.

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