Saturday, 4 July 2020


After the untimely demise of guru Rasheswar Saikia Barbayan, the founder-principal of Sangeet Sattra in October, 2000 a group of culture-loving people of Assam introduced the ‘Rasehwar Saikia Barbayan Sattriya Award’ in the year 2009 as a mark of respect to late legendary guru for his untiring efforts to establish Sattriya dance, music and Bhowna. From the year 2013, Sangeet Sattra continued this award to commemorate and offer their respect to their founder-principal. This coveted award is given to persons who have dedicated their life for the all-round development of Sattriya culture and Indian classical traditions. The eminent personalities chosen for this year’s award are – Sonaram Sarma Burah Bhakat, a devoted Bura Bhakat of Mul Kamalabari Sattra, Dr. Nita Vidyarthi, eminent dance critic, and Kalavati Devi, renowned Manipuri dancer.

Due to the current pandemic, the formal award ceremony will be held at a later date.

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