Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A book of new kriti-s released

By Sruti

The kriti-s of Janaki Ramachandran, an Advocate on Record in India’s Supreme Court, were brought to light in May last at Raga Sudha Hall, Chennai, under the aegis of the spiritual guru of her family.

With the encouragement of her husband T.A. Ramachandran, and her father-in-law, the late A.N. Aiyar, Janaki completed her law degree, assisted her husband and later progressed to practise on her own. In 2000, the Ramachandrans retired from practice.

With Carnatic music and spirituality a fundamental part of Janaki’s life, she was inspired to compose devotional kriti-s, her knowledge of music and languages enabling her to compose in a variety of raga-s and languages.

The function began with the release of the book, Kritis of Janaki Ramachandran, a compilation of her compositions in Tamil, Sanskrit and Hindi, with notations in Tamil and meanings in English. This was followed by a thematic vocal concert of a selection of Janaki’s songs by Padma Shankar, noted Carnatic violinist. Padma added value to the evening by prefacing each item with brief comments on the emotional, poetic and musical felicities of the composition. Notable among the items presented was a swarajati in Hindolam, Marasanjeevini, modelled on Syama Sastry’s swarajati. Padma took up Madhavasodarim, Janaki’s composition in Kambhoji and Misra Chapu tala, as the main piece.

Padma was ably supported by S.P. Ananthapadmanabha (violin), Vijay B. Natesan (mridanga) and Chandrashekara Sharma (ghata).


  1. Fantastic! However, being Mrs. Ramachandran's son, I may be just a little predisposed to cheer.

    Thanks for posting this article.


  2. Please could you let me know if there is a video/audio recording of this event. If so, where can I obtain a copy? I live in Britain and would appreciate if you could email me with details at psai.intl@gmail.com.
    many thanks

  3. So thrilled to see my aunt's book of kriti's and the concert featured in this august magazine. Is there a CD of the concert? Thanks.