Friday, 12 July 2013

Textbooks launched for structured music curriculum for schools

A Brhaddhvani—Art Links Learning collaboration

By Samudri

Chennai based NGO BRHADDHVANI (a research and training centre for the musics of the world) recently launched four textbooks on a music curriculum for KG and Primary classes. The books Kids’ COMET I & II and SVARITHA I & II—were released by Ms. Leela Samson, Chairperson, Sangeet Natak Akademi. At the launch function on 11 July, Sudhir Rao and Sadhana Rao, Directors of Art Links Learning--in partnership with Brhaddhvani to deliver music education to children in schools in Chennai--received the first copies.

In his opening address Dr. Karaikudi S Subramanian, Founder Chairman, Brhaddhvani, said, “It has always been my dream to see classical music education reach far and wide and little children get initiated and introduced to our rich tradition at a very young age. Today I am about to see my dream come true”.

Dr. Subramanian spoke of his 21 years of relentless work in music research, curriculum development and music philanthropy and his efforts to disseminate music education throughout the world. “More recently our COMET methodology has captured the imagination of parents, school management, alike. I am pleased to state that we are now all set for the next phase school curricular programmes with our able partners Art Links Learning”.

Leela Samson said, “A student and a teacher myself, I am able to state that it is a proud moment for all of us in India today – as we see schools taking so much interest in imparting a structured art and music curriculum to children from a very young age”.

Sudhir Rao stressed the shared mission of Art Links and Brhaddhvani of dissemination of a holistic curriculum in the music and arts space for children of all ages – in a seamless, structured, fun learning process. “We are committed to Brhaddhvani to ensure value addition in every stage of delivery at schools”, stated Sadhana Rao. She added, ““The scope and scale of Brhaddhvani’s COMET methodology using correlated objective training is fascinating and I believe, the standardized lesson delivery plans of Kids’ COMET and Svaritha will trigger the innate sensibilities of little children as they are most receptive to sounds and tunes.”

Sadhana thanked the various principals and educators from multiple schools of Chennai who have understood the power and need for arts education in their communities and have wholeheartedly supported this cause.

Brhaddhvani’s senior faculty member and research scholar Sowmiya Muralidharan, , who authored the textbooks, made an interesting presentation to demonstrate the key aspects in music education focused in the books. She said, “A gentle play way method, using multiple fun filled activity based lessons encourage children to grasp the various elements of music with much ease and enjoyment. The objective of these courses is to make available our classical music tradition to every child. The curriculum correlates music education with the essential academic disciplines of the school curriculum. Awareness building of the environment through folklore, patriotism, and literacy of various languages is taught through the medium of songs and compositions in Bhojpuri, Assamese, Oriya, Bengali, Hindi, and Marathi. The courseware showcases Carnatic, Hindustani and Folk traditions.

About Brhaddhvani

BRHADDHVANI (meaning “Big or Universal Sound”) is an NGO based in Chennai, a research and training centre for musics of the world, founded in 1989 by Prof. Karaikudi S Subramanian, a ninth generation Vinavidwan. The institute opens up music to everyone and works towards holistic music education in a global context, combining art and science, tradition and technology. Brhaddhvani is committed to disseminating Music Education amongst children and ignite the latent creative energies present in individuals and give a foundation to develop musical intelligence.

Brhaddhvani explores the fundamentals of Indian Classical music in relation to the MIND, EXPRESSION, BODY, AND THE SOCIETY.

About Art Links Learning

Art Links Learning offers structured curriculum in Arts Education focused upon impacting the right brain education in every child. The focus of Art Links Learning has remained to age appropriately deliver high quality and standardized arts & music education across children cohorts in multiple schools and communities. Art Links along with its conservatory partner Brhhadhvani (a research and training centre for the musics of the world) shares the mission of taking structured music curriculum to students. Art Links ensures the COMET methodology of the conservatory is dovetailed and delivered in a structured manner correlating it to the learning ecosystem in the school.

Collaborating with another World Leading Conservatory – KinderMusik (Present in 71 Countries) Art Links introduces the world of paint & color, rhythm of movement & dance and early language literacy via musical sounds & tunes as a part of the integrated structured curriculum specific to the kindergarteners.

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