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Saturday, 10 February 2018


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10.2.1919 - 29.1.2010
Rajam sir respected tradition and believed in fostering it. He was a creative artist and encouraged innovation within the traditional framework. He was a classicist and a great rasika of excellence in any form. As these are the very values Sruti stands for, it is no wonder that Rajam and Sruti got on so well.

Rajam sir was a very close friend of Sruti’s founder and Editor-in-Chief N. Pattabhi Raman. In the mid-1980s, soon after Sruti was launched, Pattabhi Raman chanced to come across Rajam’s “music letter pads” with his illustrations for Tyagaraja kriti-s. Impressed by the line drawings Pattabhi Raman immediately drove down to 41 Nadu Street in Mylapore to meet the artist. That meeting laid a strong foundation for the steadfast friendship between Rajam and Pattabhi Raman, and for Rajam’s close association and collaboration with Sruti for almost 25 years. Rajam sir was a great friend of the magazine and was a grandfather figure for all of us at Sruti, especially after the untimely demise of Pattabhi Raman.

Rajam sir took the passing away of his dear friend to heart. He was so emotionally upset that he was hospitalised soon after. And when we called on him to wish him a speedy recovery, he implored us not to be disheartened but to bravely carry forward his friend’s grandiose vision. In fact, he suggested we should have someone as knowledgeable and eminent as K.V. Ramanathan to steer us through the difficult period. https://srutimag.blogspot.in/2012/07/art-that-haunts-part-1.html

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