Thursday, 2 August 2018

Avinash Pasricha

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Performance has the quality of being transient. To capture the ephemeral moment of artistic expression into an eternal reflection requires an intelligent eye, a sensitive heart and a deep understanding of the arts. A name that has become synonymous with performing arts photography in the country is Avinash Pasricha. 

Pasricha believes that technical skill can be learnt but perceptiveness, empathy and affection are the core qualities that a photographer must nurture. True to his words, he lives by the same values, sharing fun-filled camaraderie and deep bonds with artists over the years. He has spent more than five decades capturing various moods, nuances and shades of classical music and dance. 

As the pioneering performance photographer of the country turns 80 on 2 August 2016, he shares a few frames from his extraordinary journey.

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