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A devoted teacher of Carnatic music

Vidwan  B.  Krishnamoorthy  is  a  multifaceted  artist  – Carnatic vocalist, musicologist, researcher, and passionate teacher. He was born  on  24  August  1932  at  Padarakudi near  Karaikudi, where he lived with his maternal grandfather for a while. He had three brothers,  the  eldest being  the  late Sangita  Kalanidhi B.Rajam  Iyer. Krishnamoorthy’s biological mother gave him in adoption to her childless elder sister Ananthalakshmi. So it was that little Krishnamoorthy grew up in his ‘Periamma’s’ house at Paganeri. Fond of music, he liked to listen to the songs of S.G. Kittappa, Subbiah Bhagavatar and others. The Sri Rama Navami Utsavam was a grand annual celebration at home. Attracted to the bhajana paddhati, the child started learning the songs when he was five years old from Atmanatha Iyer and Tirukoshtiyur Iyengar. He knew all the songs by heart – from the Todayamangalam to the final Deepa Pradakshinam. He can remember most of it even now.

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