Thursday, 23 August 2018

Bipin Singh

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A person  of  firm principles and lofty ideals,he pursued  his goal, his search for  beauty, dedicatedly, diligently, scientificallyandwith passion. If he took the dance out of  Manipur, he never did take  Manipur out of the dance.  He transformed what was—  and still is in that State— a vehicle for religious expression and devotion to god, into an art-form that was eventually accepted as classical. He did not renounce the Manipuri idiom; he enriched it  and made it into a connoisseur's delight, not only in India but abroad as well. Crossing many a hurdle, he trained himself to be a  dancer, musician, composer and choreographer  who gave Manipuri dance a new face that reflected  the scholarsofthe  idiom. His legacy includes, as well and most importantly, the disciples he trained and the disciples of his disciples. Whether he so intended it or not, he founded and shaped a  gharana, the Bipin Singh gharana, of Manipuri dance. beauty of art and not just the ecstasy of devotion. In a land known  for  the dichotomy between scholar and artist, he brought the twain together by pursuing scholarship and art in tandem. The result: the music and dance of Manipur he presented to the world through his own enchanting prism of beauty early gained the stamp of authority,  as well as authenticity.

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