Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Tiger Varadachariar

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1.8.1876 - 31.1.1950
Many a maestro of music has been described as a ' tiger' , a word used to describe an outstanding expert. But the noun became a proper noun and part of the name in the case of only one musician: S. Varadachariar (1876-1950 ). He came to be known as Tiger Varadachariar. Thereafter, in the musical continent of Carnation, the word spelled with a capitalized T has come to refer only to him, not the beautiful feline of the jungle.

His gestures and gesticulations while he sang reminded listeners of the big cat. But the title had only incidental relationship to this feature.

He was indeed a titan of music.

He was not a popular singer. yet he was held in high esteem and in this respect he was as unique as his contemporary Veena Dhanammal was.

He was an allrounder: an expert, a performing musician, a teacher, and a. composer. He was a musician's musician, a beacon of enlightenment. His analysis of issues of grammar and observations on aesthetics were accepted, as correct and wise.

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