Saturday, 8 September 2018

Vidyadhar Vyas

Birthdays & Anniversaries

The seminar ended with  a nice,little vote of thanks by Dr.Anjali Mittal. Compering was done, quit eably ,by another Reader of the Music Department, Dr.Suneera Kasliwal, who also looked after the stage arrangements. The principal reason for the academic excellence of the seminar, I repeat , was the variety of view points from which the participants spoke on the subject. But from the view point of actual music, as distinguished from theorizing on the art, the most fascinating moments Of the entire seminar were provided by two glorious recitals , one by Prof. Vidyadhar Vyas (vocal), and the other by sitar maestro Uma Shankar Misra. Whereas all the participants were full of praise for the excellent arrangements , the organizers themselves felt deeply grateful to the sitarist , not only for his Enthralling top class recital ,but for agreeing to perform at very short notice. Such gestures of gentlemanliness are no less important than performing ability. However, mention must also be made of the excellent rhythmic accompaniment provided to the sitarist by Dal Chand Sharma (pakhawaj) and Subhash Nirman (tabla) . 

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