Friday, 4 October 2019

Alamelu Mani

Birthdays & Anniversaries 

I truly regard it as my good fortune to be a student of Carnatic music. And that too under a guru like Alamelu Mami. This is a guru samarpanam to my beloved teacher who turns 80 in October, and has dedicated her life to music.

There are many great teachers of Carnatic music, but some traits make Alamelu Teacher unique. For starters, there is the popular notion that the azhuttham Carnatic music needs means overstressing every note you sing.

She is in many ways a self-made woman. She once said, “It is after so much hard work and God’s grace that I’ve got this treasure of suddha sangeetam. I’ve always yearned only for good music.” She is content with sharing the treasure house of music with her students. I have seen her immersed in the lyrics and music of the kriti as she taught us. While teaching Paramatmudu, she said, “What a life Tyagarajaswami led! He saw God in everything. Isn’t that what this song hints at?”.

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