Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Press Release on the December Season 2020

Federation Of City Sabha, Chennai 

Press Release

The Federation of City Sabhas, Chennai in its video conference meeting held on 9th Aug, 2020,  discussed the current scenario with regard to conduct of cultural programmes in Chennai. The festive spirit of Margazhi with Music , Dance, DramaNamasankeerthanam and spiritual discourses have been nurtured by the Sabhas /Cultural organisations for many decades now. The City was given the UNESCO recognition for its contribution to propagating our art and cultural traditions. Artistes and rasikas acknowledge the stellar role of Sabhas in fostering art and culture and their work to showcase our heritage. In this context, the Members discussed ways and means to hold the cultural events in the Season without disruption by adopting Technology. 

Considering the Covid 19 pandemic, which is showing no signs of abatement and coupled with the concerns of the all regarding safety, social distancing and avoiding congregation of any sort, as per the Government guidelines, it was felt that the Federation of Sabhas present the annual December seasons cultural events during the first half of Margazhi (i.e.,during 3rd and 4th weeks of  December 2020) using Digitalplatforms and thereby preserve the continuing tradition amidst this Pandemic. The Federation will chalk out the events for this Art Festival in due course of time. It was agreed that the Federation of Sabhas will work out the details and organise support for indigent artistes who are financially affected during this period.  All the member Sabhas have expressed their unanimous support to make the annual Festival a success in this new challenging environment and reaffirm the Sabhas commitment towards promoting arts and culture in a sustained way. The Federation solicits the support of artistes, patrons, rasikas and other cultural organisations making this years Festival a success.

The Federation of City Sabhas consists of Brahma Gana Sabha, Hamsadhwani, Karthik Fine Arts, Narada Gana Sabha, Rasika Ranjani Sabha, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha and Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha.




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