Friday, 7 January 2022

IIT Saarang 2022 - Lores and Legacies

 Saarang is the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, accredited with a heritage stretching from the late '70s and proud of hosting talents like Farhan Akhtar, Opeth, When Chai Met Toast, Shankar Mahadevan, and other international headliners have performed. This covers a variety of genres like Rock music, Classical music, EDM and Pop.

It is the largest student-run festival of its kind in the country, witnessing a footfall of over 75,000 in the last few editions. The five-day festival is scheduled from 6th to 9th January 2022. As an ISO accredited fest, it is one of the biggest cultural extravaganzas of the year. 

Saarang is coming back this 2022, with the grand theme "Lores and Legacies." In this edition, they explore stories of the old fables and legends, some passed on from ancestors and some we have witnessed in our transient lives, reliving every moment of it in a mystic way.

Over the five-day span, our events and workshops range from categories of Music, Sports, Food, Fashion, Fine Arts, Dance, Oratory, Drama, Quizzing, and so on - providing a platform for showcasing the talent and energy of the youth because Saarang is such a unique channel to reach a diverse demographic of audience.

Classical Arts Club, in collaboration with Spotlight, is proud to organise a guest lecture by the esteemed Vidushi S. Sowmya. She is one of the leading performers and exponents of the Carnatic tradition of vocal music. She is reputed for her deeply classical style and for her large repertoire spanning a wide spectrum of composers, including some of the rarest works of the Carnatic Trinity. She is also a passionate promoter and practitioner of Tamizh Isai – the ancient classical and folk music traditions of Tamil Nadu. Dr. Sowmya is also a fine exponent of the Saraswati Vina, one of the world’s oldest musical instruments. She is also known for her path-breaking research work in enhancing the tonal stability of the mridangam, the pre-eminent percussion instrument in South Indian music.

The Classical Arts Club has an array of events that allow for a diversity of performances starting with Aroh. At Aroh, participants are expected to charm the audience with your mellifluous rendition and effortless techniques to get a chance to hear the personal feedback from some of the finest and leading musicians in the realm of Indian classical music at Āroh, Saarang's platform for Carnatic and Hindustani vocalists.

Celebrating the poise of Kuchipudi, the spirit of Bharatanatyam, the sensuousness of Odissi, the grace of Mohiniyattam and many more, Saarang presents Nrutyam! Participants can showcase their talent weaving together emotion, rhythm, and story at Nrutyam, Saarang's Indian Classical dance platform.

Watch instruments speak and rhythms make the world look and be wonderstruck at Dhrutam. Get the chance to be guided by few of the finest minds in the field of rhythm! Participants can let their beats set the pacing of Dhrutam, Saarang's platform for Indian Classical percussive instrumentalists.

Anhad is Saarang’s platform for Hindustani and Carnatic non-percussive instrumentalists. Bow, blow, or strum your way into the hearts of the audience and receive feedback from the leading exponents in the field!

At Durbar, participants can live out their dream of taking part in enthralling concerts. They can undertake the challenge of performing a mini-concert and get valuable feedback from stalwarts on Durbār, Saarang’s platform for upcoming Carnatic musicians.

Contacts: Ananya: +91 6385175454, Dhanush: +91 9840722578


Keeping the momentum going, the stage is set for Saarang’s first-ever Pop Fusion Night, with singers Malavika Sunder and Palak Muchhal promising a melodious and exciting time. Maalavika is a Carnatic Musician and has appeared in Indian Idol, Super Singer.    For starters, she is one of the regulars at Margazhi concerts every season, and she has recently turned into a playback singer. Maalavika has also a number of cine songs, including a few hits like Karuppu Nerathazhagi from Komban, Gum Zaare from Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru.

Palak Muchhal is an Indian Playback Singer based out of Madhya Pradesh, who is widely renowned for her extremely melodious voice. She has been awarded for her exceptional work in popular Bollywood films like Aashiqui 2 (2013) and MS Dhoni (2016). Along with this, she has also sung in many regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. Palak uses most of her earnings for charity work, for which she has been recognised in the Guiness Book of World Records as well.

Online or offline, Saarang promises great entertainment and a commemoration of art and culture like no other. With 850 young minds working together to make Saarang the kind of magnificent phenomenon it is, the festival is not just another college fest. Rather, it is a celebration of a collective effort taken to realise a dream and make it happen.

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